Production of agglomerated marble

From the processing of natural marble to the production of agglomerated marbles, Marmi Scala was founded in Verona in 1963.
The company has grown to extend over an area of ​​over 40,000 square metres and works exclusively with resin marble and concrete marble blocks.

High technology, frames for sawing into slabs, polishing lines, plants for the processing and finishing of customised products, an efficient warehouse for the storage of semi-finished products: this is the strength of our company.

Raw materials

Raw materials

Chips, powders and binders are selected, dosed and mixed for the creation of marble agglomerates. The material is then vibrated to eliminate air bubbles and left to harden for a few days.



The resin marble and concrete marble blocks are produced with the latest technology vacuum systems and wait for a period of curing before being divided into slabs for subsequent processing.

Our history


Marmi Scala is founded

Andrea and Dario Scala start working with natural Italian marble.


Composite materials

Interest in resin marble begins.


First plant

Its purpose is to produce marble agglomerate materials.


Production update

New technologies, growth in material quality and sales volume.


Second plant

Expansion to meet the ever-growing demand for material.

Our history

Resin marble

The extraordinary resistance to abrasion, flexion and impact are ideal characteristics for large surfaces.

Cement marble

The chromatic homogeneity and the competitive price make it suitable for large design projects with special colours.