Agglomerates of marble

Fragments of nature

Rock flakes, powders, dyes and binding substances: this is how our marble agglomerates are created.

Selected raw materials that make up products that can be adapted to any need in the construction sector, to satisfy architects, designers and manufacturers who want to use a unique and refined product in their projects.

The advantages of marble agglomerates compared to natural marbles and granites:

  1. easy availability of the material
  2. better mechanical characteristics
  3. greater uniformity of colour and grain
  4. new aesthetic solutions
  5. mixing of different materials
  6. competitive costs

The rocks are selected, dosed and put into the mixing machine.

The mixture is poured and made to vibrate with the vacuum technology to eliminate air bubbles.

The block is compacted and seasoned for maximum strength.

The material obtained is ready to be sawn into slabs for the creation of the products.

Techniques for the installation and care of the slabs of marble agglomerates.

Polishing, smoothing, brushing, sanding: how to enhance the quality of raw materials.